Ableton Live 8 Question: midi to audio

Hey guys I laid out a track with a bunch of midi instruments, its mostly clip launched bass wobble and some synths… so I was wondering if there is a way to convert these specific clips (shortened, stuttered, timed) all at same time to audio?

(This is in the timeline view of ableton, not the tracked clip view):satisfied:

I think this is what you are looking for…

Just shift click to select all the tracks you want to make audio. Then right click on one track. Choose ‘FREEZE’. Then Right click again and choose ‘FLATTEN’.

The midi will now be audio.

Good Luck.:cool:

Thanks, sorry to bring up such nub questions but its been driving me nuts… I’ll try it tomorrow when I get a chance. It’s sad to say the last audio editing I did was back in 2003 with garageband but i’ve been blowing through ableton superbly - hopefully it keeps coming naturally.