Ableton Live 9

so, for the longest time I had been borrowing a copy a live from a friend of mine. I finally decided to bite the bullet and take advantage of the 25% off sale they are having and bought my own copy. I have to say, I am kinda super excited about Live 9 coming out. Now that I “own” it I can’t wait for it to come

DAW updates are a bit of a bugbear of mine. They tend to be really overpriced and totally underwhelming after all the development that’s gone into it. Live 9 has quite impressed me though. It looks pretty good, but definitely not the drastic change it needed to keep up. Apart from that, M4L support is great, the browser change was well needed and the analysis graphs in built-in devices are fantastic. Cubase updates are usually just loads of new features that barely anyone will ever use, while they should be improving what’s already there. Ableton’s new website is gorgeous,
Push, however, is a completely different matter. It really is a completely new world of its own. It’s the first controller I’ve ever seen that I would say is actually a full DAW controller, though Maschine did come close. I love their new approach to playing music too, with the folded keys design. It’s not perfect of course, as a grid layout is only appropriate in a very small number of actions, and no-one wants to get all their data from a measly LED screen. Definitely needs to be
I don’t think Live 9 is going to attract much attention and I think it’s more of an excuse for not having released an update in so long. The only reason they haven’t done that though, is because they’ve managed to create a piece of software that can grow on its own (especially since M4L happened). It wouldn’t be worth paying for, but it’s exciting for Live owners (such as myself) that will get it for free.

I disagree man, I’ve been using Live since version 5 and can’t wait for Live 9. The audio to midi stuff looks like it will expand on Abletons incredible workflow. The new instruments are brilliant. br
PUSH looks very interesting but I’ll probably take more of an interest in Push 3.0 or something.