Ableton loop settings

can you please help, ive posted before about this problem,

does anybody know how you go from the standard audio loop bar below

to the one shown in this link

i presume its in the settings but i cant seem to find out, any help would be grately appreciated

you want to turn off the grid?

right click and the FIXED GRID: OFF

down the bottom

thanks for the response mate,

Ive tried switching the fixed off and that doesnt work, if you look at the image in the corner it still has the 1/16 on.

Its on the prodigy tutorial im doing, as soon as he loads it up, its there, instead of the standard bar (note, the rounded bars and numbered yellow tabs)

Ive had no answers or responses from the sonic guys, which has surprised me really seeing how much a course is.

but thanks for your thoughts

Find the first transient marker of the loop. the very first hit. Its not the yellow tab.

Its the White line above the first hit. Double click that to create a warp marker.

THEN, remove the first yellow warp marker by double clicking on it.

Right click the first marker you created and click SET 1.1 here.

That will start the loop on the first beat. THEN, drag the end of the loop to the last beat.

Same thing. Use the white lines and create a warp marker by double clicking on it.

When you shorten the loop you want to use the bottom arrow to make the clip smaller.

The top arrow is the looping section, bottom arrow is clip section.

Once you have moved the first & last warp markers to the right beats and it sounds oK…

Right click in the middle of the clip and click on CROP Sample.

Done Deal!

i think thats what u were askin about…

ALSO your grid in the 2nd picture is set to 1/4 quantization…

Right click the clip and set the grid to 1/4 quantization. that will make it look right 4 sure.

thanks alot,

thats a great help, it makes it alot easier to line the vocal up, I dont think it is exactly the way he had done it in the turorial, because it loaded straight into those numbered yellow markers.

but that doesnt matter, cheers.

I like your electro, youve got a good dirty bass riff going on

Ive finally figured out the problem,

I found an ableton guy on youtube, talking about the audio loop changes they have made in newer versions of live.

turns out they have changed the way you move warp markers, Ive been watching a tutorial made in live 6 and im trying to do it in live 8. No wonder i got a little confused.