Ableton...making samples


Just say I want to sample something like a small part of a riff from Black Sabbath - Ironman and cut out the drums and everything else, leaving just the distorted guitar.

How do I do this in Ableton??


The only thing I can think of with Ableton’s built in effects is use the high pass filter to get rid of the lower end frequencies (bass drum etc.) Not ideal but a start!

You would be better off getting somebody to play it and sampling from that.

I can already play it on guitar.

I was just wondering how to take a sample from an MP3 and then get the bits you want? like chop it up and make smaller .wav files so you can use it in simpiler?

I hear everyone saying Justice use lots and lots of samples…

Thanks people.

you can the song, zoom in and put the loop markers on the sample where you want to cut. right click and select crop. Viola! You have a sample.

If you are going to sample a riff, be very careful because you could get in trouble for not clearing your samples if you ever release the track. Drums are a bit different though.