Ableton Mapping / Triggering question

Hey friends,

i am trying to figure out how to create / map up / layer an instrument in ableton so that i could lay a range of different samples out across a vst / sampler of some sort and then play them with a midi keyboard. do you guys have any idea how i could do this within ableton? thanks :slight_smile:

hey dude,

Yeah, you have to use the sampler instrument in Ableton Live. In the sampler, drag in your sample. Then click Zone. There is a keyboard that pops up. You should see your sample there. Add more samples to the left of the keyboard. Then change the size of the bar so that it plays on the key that you want. You can change if you want to play on one key or two or zones or whatever. Its up to you. If you need me to do a video for you, let me know. It will take me a day or so to do it though. Let me know.

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Thank you so much for the advice! I am trying it out as we speak and it is definitely in the ball park of what I am looking for. My next question has to do with the tuning / octave of the specific samples. If I have a sample that I want in the C3-C4 range upon trigger (meaning it plays pitched at that octave), but it is mapped in the C0-C1 range, how would I go about solving this issue. Thanks again for the help.

***EDIT: I figured it out. Thanks a bunch for the help.