Ableton Mastering Template


I think many of us would like to have this:

Ableton Live Mastering Template “with and without presets” :slight_smile:

Please, only with internal Ableton plug’ins.

Ableton Live Mastering template “without presets”

Ableton Live Mastering template “Tech-House”

Ableton Live Mastering template “Electro”…

I hope you can team! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!!

While it’s a nice idea, I don’t think this would be worthwhile.

The processing and mastering chain required will be dependent on your tracks individual qualities.

Generally you could tighten the overall sound with Mixgel or an SSL compressor (go easy on the Attack as you don’t want to squash your kick), then apply some subtle EQing to brighten or reduce commonly muddy areas for example, then apply a limiter to your overall mix to boost volume slightly.

I think that’s about as general as it gets but there would be no magic setting for each genre as you’re suggesting.

I understand, but it can be a good starting point… and also have the right plug ins chain in Ableton for mastering. :slight_smile: