Ableton MIDI CC automation tip

Here’s a little thing I do for live performance that works quite well. It’s really simple but I haven’t seen many people using it, so I thought it would be nice to share.

Let’s do it in the “step-by-step” fashion:

1 - Create a live set with 2 MIDi tracks called “Inst” and “CC”;

2 - Insert the instrument you’ll use on the “Inst” track and set the monitor to in.

3 - Set the “MIDI From” and “MIDI to” on the “CC” track to “Inst”.

3 - On the “CC” track create an empty clip and draw/record one or more MIDI CC envelopes the length you want (let’s say a pitch bend curve of 4 bars) and set it to loop. Launch the clip.

4 - Now play your synth.

Kinda basic, but I like it… There’s a lot of possible variations (e.g. don’t loop the MIDI automation, insert a MIDI effect, etc.), but that’s the core of the thing.



i try do later, Thks


thats a good tip, I can see the potential.


simple but definaye scope for something interesting to be made out of it…