Ableton Midi Jam Problem

Having a problem when playing vsts in ableton using my midi keyboard. Whenever I’m playing my keyboard, notes keep jamming in ableton, I have to press the key that has jammed again on the keyboard to release it in Ableton. It will only happen maybe 1 out of 10 notes, mostly when I’m trying to write basslines or leads where theres lots of movement.

How can I stop this happening?

what keyboard is it?


you using a hub or any hard drives on the same usb bus?

Its a CME UF5.

Its USB directly into the computer, no other usb bits and pieces connected.

It works perfect in Cubase, and on standalone vsts, only having the problems with ableton 

what version of ableton are you using?

Its version 7. Happened with version 6 too from what I can remember.

Any ideas? Is very fustrating.

can’t see an obvious solution myself, best bet would be to get in touch with the manufacturer of your keyboard

will maybe go onto their website and see if they have any new drivers for it. It works fine within cubase though, and when I use standalone versions of the vsts straight from the desktop.