Ableton or Cubase?

Just wondered what your thoughts are on Ableton and Cubase for music production. Would you say one was better than the other? What are the pro’s and con’s of each? I have cubase and know the basics although i’ve been looking into useing ableton but wondered if its worth getting or should i stick with cubase and save my money?

Every DAW really comes down to personal preference mate.

I used to use Cubase SX but tried Ableton and haven’t looked back, if you were to ask me i’d tell you Ableton but you ask the next guy and he may tell you Cubase.

Ableton is definately better for coming up with quick ideas though.

Plus what I like about Ableton over Cubase is that when i have loops or audios it automatically matches the speed, the warp tool in Ableton is fantastic. I’ve never had to use Recycle since using Ableton.

Working on the source code for Cubleton now! lol :wink:


I think Ableton is the best software for getting idea’s going quickly.

I tend to build the majority of my tracks in Ableton and then mix them in Logic (though not always, I do sometimes do complete tracks in Live).

The plugs in Ableton are frankly a bit poo (in my humble opinion) especially the bread and butter stuff like the EQ and the reverb (though compressor is pretty good these days).

That’s not to say you can’t get stuff sounding good in Ableton, it’s just I have found that I prefer the plugs in Logic.

I have never used Cubase but by all accounts it also has great plugs.

The big draw with Ableton is getting loops and clip going in a matter of seconds.

I find the traditional arrange page tough to get stuff going… this is why I love session view in Live… its totally unique and just seems to allow my creativity to get going.