Ableton or Logic

Hi guys, i have just watched the gigi barocco electro house tutorial, and i noticed how many vst plugins Logic pro has built in compared to ableton (i use ableton). Then when i checked the cost it was like £139 from the apple store. So from i can see it looks like a lot better software to have for producing than
What are your thoughts on this? i would really like to know, as i am thinking of switching or should i just get the ana synth and stick with ableton for producing. By the way i have ableton standardbr
Yeah i would like to know what you guys think

Quality music can come out of any daw it really all just comes down to personal preference in the end man…Live is geared more towards actually performing your songs then Logic. I’ve tried most of the DAWs always thinking the grass would be greener on the other side but always ended up back in Ableton(though I don’t use many Ableton plugins)br
but hey if you got the cash why not give it a shot! :slight_smile:

yeah no thanks :wink: i am gonna get ana and then see how it works, it pretty much everything i need for a good dance track

When you listen to music you like on the radio / ipod /in a club /etc, can you tell what DAW it was made in just by listening to it?br
There’s your answer, which DAW you use makes NO difference. It’s like saying which is better, driving a Ford or a Honda, they’re both cars, they both do the job, it’s down to personal taste, nothing more, nothing less.

Except Hondas are cool…

hahha thanks guys, i think my point was which DAW offers better plug ins? like the ones i get in ableton are ok, not great just ok. But then watching the tutorials with logic pro they seem to have much better ones :slight_smile:

I get what ur saying but tbh I think it’s just the design of the plug ins, logic looks really good to me the synths etc look like 3rd party plugs and very space age whereas ableton looks pretty crap IMO :slight_smile: I started on logic 8 when I got properly into music, then switched to ableton. Like everyone says it’s just what feels rite, I found logic hard to do simple things n live actually enjoyable to use, little things like drop a sample straight onto simpler and transpose a sample down instantly. I’d defo say upgrade to suite as u get max in lured and there’s a sale on all software from ableton up till sometime in jan! There’s loads of sweet stuff in max and loads of devices available for free download! As u can probably tell I’m very pro live :smiley:

cool thanks;)

I would disagree - some of the bundled plug-ins with Ableton are really good - things like the Auto Filter, the Saturator, the delays, the FM
There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on exactly what kind of plugins you use and what type of sound you are going
Like Roben said, the only way to do this is to try each DAW and see which seems to work for you better. Which DAW helps you produce better music faster - that’s your answer?

Thanks David:)