Ableton partner-instruments

Packs: expand your Ableton studio with instruments & sounds | Ableton

anyone tried any of these out yet?looks like just repackaged live packs from the companies that sell them. bit pricey i think. although some are quite interesting like the pan drum

Hey man, looks sweet. I would get it, but I have some of the soniccoutre stuff. I’m trying to build my gear now to have more of a pro studio. Next on my list is a Moog Voyager Rack, Nord Lead Rack, and a Juno 60! :wink:

most of this stuff looks a little overpriced, it would cost 400 bucks to get all the piano instruments, i could think of better ways to spend my money on production related things

You find the best Samples for Club Production on the Vengeance Series !

I think the Stuff on the Ableton Website is quite overprized !