Ableton pitch bend problems

Okay, so I’ve got a track with a long midi clip of a synth line, then I add another midi clip for the buildup and pitchbend only that clip up in the envelope editor. Now, afterwards when I play the whole song again, the other midi clips which aren’t part of the buildup are for some reason playing some stupid high pitch, like the one that the synth is supposed to be at the very peak of the buildup. It just sounds awful and I have no idea what’s causing it, the automation data for the other midi clips is empty but they’re still going off all weird.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

if you dont return the pitch bend to zero again it will stay up… you need to put a node at the zero point on your next clip

ahh okay I got it, thanks Phil. Was getting on my nerves, especially since it stays pitch bended up even if the midi file where the bend is occurs later in the song, doesn’t make a ton of sense.

hey I really hate to bring this up again… but ive had problems with this as well. Here is my issue.

If you are pitching up a clip, lets say in a build up, if that clip has portamento (glide on it)  and then you put a node on the FOLLOWing clip back to 0.  the portamento GLIDES down to that note.  I’ve even tried to turn off portamento (in the case of sylenth1) and it STILL has a that annoying glide sound.  I just want it to come in RIGHT on the note without that annoying glide.

Any suggestions around this?  This has been bugging me since I first started using ableton.

Currently the only way I get around this is rendering the clips to audio.  Which sometimes, i don’t want to do right away.