Ableton preview question

im trying to record the preview channel in ableton in an audio track.can it be done??

i cant find the input (i thought select either 1 or 2 directly underneath ext but am getting no it because im using the built in soundcard in my laptop maybe.hope someone can help.

Why are you trying to record it? might be a better way to achieve it.

im going to sound like a proper fool phil but i’ve been putting different sounds in folders and using the up and down arrow keys in the browser with quantise off or 16ths and have been coming up with some unique things that would be laborous to program in.i tried adding all the samples into 1 session view audio track but couldn’t work out how trigger them to play just by using the up and down arrow key.i tried follow actions on the clips but its too random and static.loaded into impulse wasnt the same results i get from just jamming up and down the folders.i want to record a few minutes of it and pick out bits i like to put into tracks.

i dont think i explained that well so as an example,i try and make a bass sound i like then i fit it with the kick.then i’ve made some in key templates that i made from 1 of your superb tech tips;).i sample all the notes that i know will sound good from my template put them in a folder and do the up and down arrow new to producing and i find it inspiring me more when im doing it this way than just programming.then i cut out what i want and program a midi track for my original synth sound using my ears and the notes i can see from the template.long winded way round but im learning by doing it this way…i think??? :hehe:

you could load a bunch loops in… set session quantize to 16ths.

assign keys to scene select up/down and play then have a channel with resample on and remove alll the stop buttons.

you’ve nearly got it to work.ive mapped the scene arrows and removed all stops from the clips but its not triggering the scenes to play i can only map 1 of the 2 keys to play.nearly there though.any suggestions?

i set the other key to clip launch on the audio channel its not exactly the same but is there no 3rd party plug that can receive the audio from the master or cue.i have a focusrite sapphire 6 but am not home for weeks so cant see if i can record the cue input from it.

you could set your cue to 3&4 and then plug outputs 3 & 4 back in toyour inputs.

was trying to route it with safire mix control but cant seem to get it.

thnx phil.the sapphire 6 has no audio in unless it can be done internally?.the scene up and down thing works but when i hit record the scene changes stop the recording.if i put input as resampling i cant hear the rest of the track as im messing around as resample will record every track i’ve got playing.aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!.

There are 2 mic/line inputs on the front.

just need 2 jack cables from out to in.