Ableton Problems

Hi All,

Can anybody help - my current set up is a dual core PC with 2 meg of ram, a Behringer BCD 2000 is used as my sound card. I am using ableton and was wondering if anybody new what the optimum setting were in the audip profile of Ableton.

Such things as if the use the ASIO driver or the other options. Also what is the best latency etc.

Was wondering if anyone had a similar setup and could post the settings. I sometimes get Ableton crashing a lot and thought it may be due to how it was set up.

Look forward to any answers.


First make sure you have your BCD 2000 drivers up to date.

Use Asio in the audio preferences and usually a buffer setting of around 512 should work.

if you are getting glitches you could try upping it to 1024.

plugins can crash your system… again check these are up to date. or remove any you suspect of being dodgy.


if your still having problems you might want to check your bios is up to date… i recently added a new dual core cpu in my system which didnt seem to have the massive performance increase i was expecting… after i updated my BIOS evrything was sweeeet!

Hi Phil,

Must admit i recently went from an AMD athlon 64 1.8ghz to an AMD athlon 64x2 Dual Core processor and was disapointed as i did’nt see much differance.

i’m unsure how I upgrade the BIOS but would be interested as it seems to have worked for you.

Can you give me some idea of how i do this?


find out the manufacturer of your motherboard and go to their web site. should be a simple download and install.