Ableton production tutorial videos on here

so im a novice to music production, ive made a few horrible tracks in reason in the past (Which ive used on and off for years).

ive now decided to try ableton, so far i know how to work the simpler, arrangement view, add effects but i want to learn so much more.

ive seen the 8 module videos of ableton live music production on youtube, im just worried if i register and sign up here for the £35 package or yearly package, i’ll have access to all the exact same videos?

or is there more videos of ableton music production, and how much more?


The Vids on youtube are only Previews…

If you subscribe youll get access to all the vids here[url][/url]

alright, there doesnt seem to be that many imo. will there be plenty of future updates?

if you check inside each of those courses there are multiple videos for each course theres over 10 hrs of tutorials.

This week alone there has been

Ableton live Preview Part1

Ableton Live Preview Part2

Lennar Digital Slyenth

Swedish house mafia - Intro

Swedish house mafia - Key Elements

Swedish house mafia - Drums

Swedish house mafia - Bass & Lead

oh right, thanks

trying to sign up for 1 year membership at £59, but its asking me for £10 delivery charge fee and tax on top of that… whats the delivery fees for? i just want to download them off the site