Ableton Question

Can anyone tell me the difference between Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Suite 8? There isn’t anything on the website with a comparison. They just have a chart on Ableton Live LE 7 vs. Ableton Live 8.

I think suite has a couple of big sound libraries with it

And, I think that Operator and Collision also comes with Suite and not with Live. I use Sylenth, which IMO is just as good, if not better than operator, and I dont think I need Collision. Can anyone confirm.

from what i’ve been told it comes with a 40+ gig library of samples, if its anything like logic i’ve never used the samples that come with that lol

I’d go for the Basic version and grab a load of good plug ins instead.

Just so everyone knows, I called Ableton and they said that the Live version doesnt come wtih anything at all. So no Collision, Operator, Electric, Tension, Analog, or Sampler. Just full Live functionality.

i bought ableton suite 8 and i whish now i didnt all the extras like vocoder an new operator r good but you can get better downloads like orange vocoder an what everyone seems to be using that sylenth synth save your money just get the basic one and buy the bits you want when you can