Ableton rendering question

Last night I rendered one of my tunes on the highest setting but when I listened back to the wav file the sub bass sounded horrible and distorted, when i rendered again at a lower quality the bass sounded exactly how It sounded when I produced it. Has anyone else had this problem? I would play around with the EQ but I think this would be a rather tedious and long process. Is there a way on ableton I preview the track on the highest settings before I render?

if you are rendering tracks for mp3 than 48khz/24 bit is maximum I think, Cd is 44.1khz at 16bit so you really shouldn’t worry about rendering at higher settings, no all players can handle higher resolution files, for example Cd can only reproduce what I’ve mentioned above.

Use CD standard when rendering for normal use, make sure that you have dither on, and it should be all fine