Ableton Simpler vs Cubase ******?

What vst would you use in Cubase to replicate Simpler from Ableton?

Found this one my self! :slight_smile:


if you want to just make Drum beats. Groove Agent is a good sampler. but if you want to have long samples no look further . Highlife is good but NI Sampler is free and also it is easier to use

Good question.

Maby one of these free samplers:

-Vember Audio Shortcircuit

-discoDSP HighLife (+1)

-Yellow Tools Independence Free 1(incl. 2 GB)

-IK Multimedia SampleTank FREE (incl. 500 MB)

Hope this helps.

have you tried Kontakt Player ? I purchased the full version which came with so many awesome sound Libraries . it is just insane how good this sampler is by itself but when you add Sound Libraries with Hardware Synth for Kontakt . it is just awesome how perfect the quality of the tracks are .