Ableton suite instruments

hey people/ admins,

after viewing the tutorial on analog vs sylenth 1

i decided to purchase suite.

as per usual, the new instruments added another learning curb and i was some what surprised sonic academy hadn’t added tutorials on the instruments, especially as ableton is their main sequencer they teach.

so, could any one, user or admin explain the ins and outs of analog.

cheers john

Hey there,

Ok, well its a bit much to kind of explain right here, but I think it sounds more like you need to adjust how you look at this slightly.

Basically Sylenth and Analog are both synths. Both have very similar tools available to you to make sounds (oscillators, filters and so on).

An understanding of synthesis generally will help you understand both, and in fact most other synths out there.

They do both have different user interfaces. Analog’s is a bit confusing at first, especially when you get into envelope modulation etc.

However, if you sit and spend time with it, get to learn where each thing is, and the controls it has (these appear in the middle black box when you click on them) then it might start to make more sense.

Then maybe watch a video with Sylenth, and when they mention using a squarewave Oscillator (or what ever) go back to Analog and find where it would be on that, and try follow on from there.

Short answer, get the basics of synthesis first, and it’ll all make a lot more sense.

I just found an awesome tutorial on Operator which explains the ins and outs perfectly, I won’t post the link here, but if you message me I’ll tell you where it is. (doesn’t seem right to promote other tutorials on here)

After watching it I think I may be using operator for a ton more of stuff now :smiley:

I agree I’d love to see Ableton instrument tutorials in full.

Although not extensive, Sonic Academy have actually done a (very useful) tutorial video comparing Analog and Sylenth. The link is below:


Also, as always, a search on YouTube or Vimeo will also bring up any number of tutorials on the Ableton synths. Hope that’s of use! :slight_smile:

Got too agree sylynth is a great synth to learn with - but the ableton synths are really a hidden gem - which to be honest I use quite alot for a variety of sounds

I once got told the Ableton Operator is one of the main synths used in alot of electro, thats gotta be worth something right? I personally love Tension and the Latin Percussion you get some great stuff! As for Analogue vs Sylenth1, i think both are great synths i do however think Sylenth has a more pleasent interface especially if you are learning synthesis. The ableton synths have a bit of a more awkward interface that may look pretty complicated at first glance.

^^ That basically.

Analog and Sylenth are my goto synths. I tend to get very different sounds out of both even though there is no real reason for this. I just think the interface steers me off in different directions each time!

The only neg about analog is it only has two oscillators. Solvable but putting it in an instrument rack with another analog, but makes global settings a bit more annoying.

Operator I think has bags of potential I’ve not yet fully tapped. I do use it, but find the multitude of possibilities with it a bit mind bending.

Working my way through Ableton Power at the moment, so hoping to change that.