Ableton to logic sound distortion?

So, I’m collaborating with a friend on a track. He uses Logic pro 6.4, and I use ableton suite 8-- we’re doing the track in 128 bpm on his computer (in logic, which i’m not familliar with) and all of the .wav files I send to him open in 256 bpm. this seems like a simple problem, but we’ve tried fixing it on his end in logic by just time warping the samples, but when we get it back to 128 it sounds awful. same thing when i try to fix it from my end by refabricating the sound into 64 bpm, hoping it will open in 128 on his computer— well, it does, but it sounds terrible.

any advice?

It’s a common problem for some tracks to sometimes be detected at double or half speed. There should be a function in Logic to correct this (I would check, but I’m not on my mac atm)

Make sure when your exporting stuff from ableton that you have it set to 44.1 khz and 24bit not 32 float.

great… i will try this-- thank you!