Ableton Tutorial - Music Production - Module 10 of 10 Misisng


I cannot find Ableton Tutorial - Music Production - Module 10 of 10. this seems like the one i was really waiting for but I do not see it.

Is there a simple answer to this question? It says there is a 10th tutorial on how to play our songs live with Ableton which is why I paid to join this website but no one seems to answer.

Thanks Anyway.

the djing with ableton course explains how to play your tracks live. are you a subscriber or have you purchased the ableton production course??

Ok thanks. I am a subscriber and took both courses. I thought they meant play your own music live instead of being a DJ. They are two different things in my mind. It is easier for me to play 8 channels live with my own music than to try and DJ music. I just wanted to see how they did their setup for playing live tracks.



sorry about the confusion J, we will look into maybe doing a bitesize on how to play your tracks live rather than mixing (djing) them

thanks, nik