Ableton Velocity Problem?

Hi, just a quick question and i know this is going to be some blatent obvious answer but i read manual god knows how many times since i bought this year ago and have posted on Live site too but no one ever answers cause they are all too busy slagging each others music off, but can someone let me know what it is you do to start the velocity at say i dunno 100 for example when you draw a note into midi?, for some random reason i put live on today and every note is coming up as 40 odd, really annoying, obviously it dont matter when im playing off keyboards cause i keep the vel changes but for drawing midi its really got me rattled lol and ive looked on preferences and cant see anything like that about.

Any would be appreciated thanks :wink:

Its Live Suite 8 btw incase there is some difference between the versions.

Good luck England too :stuck_out_tongue:

Its ok fellas, i figured it out had to hold mouse click down when inserting mid note and drag up or down for vel.changes…opps