Ableton vs. reason

i have read reviews and seen demonstrations for both ableton live 7 and reason but im still undecided? which one is better for beat making (not loops… original beats) and synth sounds?

ableton wins on flexability but i use both it gives the best of both worlds … i usually create beats in reason  and rewire to ableton if its a what to buy question then defo ableton:)

if my girlfriend got kidnapped and the terrorist organization says “mke a class tune in 10 minutes or we will kill everyone you know.” id load up ableton every time.

Its faster easier and more expandable.

tho i still think cubase and logic have the edge in terms of arranging. they forces you to arrange as you go as opposed to just playing about.

For me Ableton wins hands down but you probably will have to get your hands on some sample packs and VSTs to get the best out of it as the on board instruments aren’t that hot. Reason on the other hand does have numerous built in effects and synths although their quality again is debatable. I have use some rewired Reason sounds in a couple of tunes Ive made and it is useful as a platform to learn about sequencing and synthesis due to its user friendly lay out. Although its inability to host VSTs and record audio will always put it at a disadvantage to most other platforms out there.

well i used to use reason and swopped to ableton there is more flexibility with it and i dont think il ever go back to reason even tho reason is also a very powerfull tool aswell

Ableton for me. I prefer it because of the ability to use vsts and its flexibility and also that i can use it to perform live. I also use it for mixing video into mashups which you can check out here MUZKA JULY MASHUP VID - YouTube