Ableton Warping Issues

Trying to put together a 1 hour house mix using abelton live…not

interested in doing this in real time, so I’m lining up the beats in arrangement view - going to take my time with this to get it perfect.

The problem I’m having is with warping…I used the tutorial on this site, but I can’t seem to get the tracks to stay in sync, and sometimes they just don’t sound right. Not sure if I need to get better at warping, or does the warping function just not work well. Any suggestions?


The warping function works very well. If it doesn’t sound right, it is because the tracks aren’t warped correctly.

If the tracks you have are downloads, and not recorded from records, and are modern music they should be easy to warp - the BPM should stay the same through the whole track

You can check your warped tracks using the metronome in Ableotn, you should be able to hear if it is in time or not.

you can quickly check warping by using the little speaker icon to skip around a track

if you can jump around inside the track without noticing it skipping the beat then its warped ok

Warping can be awkward at first, i found this method easy to follow.

[url]#1 Power Warping Secret in Ableton Live 8 - tutorial - YouTube

Once you have the tune warped you could also try different warp modes, i find my tunes sound strange in BEATS mode and prefer to use re-pitch or complex, you can access the warp modes in the sample display boxes drop down menu.

[quote]5id (31/05/2011)[hr]Warping can be awkward at first, i found this method easy to follow.

[url]#1 Power Warping Secret in Ableton Live 8 - tutorial - YouTube



This isn’t how I do warping but it looks like a good system, you should give it a try. The only thing I would add is if you are having problems check the first 8 bars of the track with the metronome after you add the second warp marker just incase you haven’t set it to the correct beat. Once that second warp marker is set the rest of the track will be a doddle.

i put the warp on the first beat and then on the last couple beats.

if its a 4/4 tracks thats usually all you need to do

Thanks for all the tips…things are starting to sound better. Do you guys use “complex pro” when warping full dance tracks? I find “beats” sounds jittery.

used to use beats but i switched to complex pro

just zoom in as far as you can on the first beat, get it aligned well

right click and select “warp from here (straight)”

and then correct the last beat (or thereabouts)

and the rest should be ok if its straight 4/4 dance music

thats what i do