Ableton without midi controller

hi people

is it possible to use the qwerty keyboard to play notes instead of using a midicontroller?

i saw something like this in one of the tutorials but cant remember if it was for cubase or ableton.

ive tried ctrl-shift-k as well but this does seem to do anything!?!

Yes you can - use the A to L row or you can draw in notes with amouse - just make sure you click the little keyboard icon to highlight on the right hand corner

Up in the top right hand corner of the screen n ableton there is the option to use the qwerty keyboard…

you will see it…without looking at it i think off the top of my head its like a keyboard symbol…

thanks guys,i see it, 

the little piano symbol in the right hand corner is highlighted yellow, the blue headphone symbol in the piano roll/editor is highlighted but no sound when i press keys q to y.

what have i missed?

dont use qwerty use asdfgh and see if your getting anything…

make sure that you have the record(the red ball in the bottom of that track in session view) armed in the track you are using…this should give you something

Like bubble says, make sure you are trying with the middle row of keys as that’s what ableton uses when controlling with the keys.

Also, Z and X are used to transpose up and down an octave. Before now I have accidently set it to such a low octave that I thought it wasn’t working, as the sample in simpler was pitched/stretched so long as to be inaudible!

thankyou guys!

apart from pressing the wrong keys i wasnt arming the track! how silly. ive never had to do it this way before. 

basically the mrs doesnt want me to shut myself away in the studio so ive downloaded live to her laptop and im playing around with some dubstep basslines in the lounge downstairs. :smiley: ive got an itch ive got to scratch

no monitors, no souncard, no midi controller, just hooked it up to my surround sound and got my baby daughter climbing all over the laptop. :slight_smile: