Ableton won't detect Alchemy

Hey I got alchemy recently, and FL detects it immediately through a scan but Ableton won’t and I kind of need it to follow a long with a tutorial. All my other vsts are found by Ableton though and Alchemy is definately installed in my VST folder with the factory and samples, so any suggestions would help. Thanks.

are you on PC?

just check that you have the files in the right folder… i know on PC there are 2 folders that stuff generally gets put in to.

1 ProgramFiles/VSTPlugins


Make sure you add the steinberg one to your Ableton Custom plugins folder by going in to Ableton Prefs/ Files and folders

yea i am on pc, and isn’t steinberg for cubase?

also i got it to work by spamming the scan button for about a minute until it decided to work lmao, thanks for your time

Steinberg developed the VST protocol

[quote]phil johnston (17/06/2011)[hr]Steinberg developed the VST protocol[/quote]

ah ok