Above & Beyond Trance Kick

Ahh, this may sound pretty lame, but I’m trying to recreate the trance kick the last Above & Beyond, and AnjunaBeats Vol 6/8 CDs are using. It’s the perfect kick for me. I’ve been tweaking the Kickass Kick device from the tutorial, but not having any luck. Any pointers?

sample the kick from the tune. find a bit with just the kick, or eve if there is a hit after there is a tut here on how to remove it

if u get vengeance clubsounds u get a load of trance kicks ina folder that alot of producers use

Sample Sample Sample !

if you were more specific(maybe a link to a tune)i could more than likely be helpful to you.


Ronski speed Denva

At the 7 minute mark

I’d sample it personally.

Just find out what tune it is you liked then buy the .wav. Then you have full high quality version. Then simply take what you need :wink:

Sample all the way bud !!! Simon Patterson = Tons of sampling…

Deanmau5, actually I do have those, I just can’t get the “roundness” right.


Yeah, I listed those CDs because on 80-90% of the tracks on there, they use the same kick, with maybe, just maybe, a very minor pitch shift of the high part.

Thanks All!

I’ve tried finding a good spot in a song where the kick is separate, but there’s something usually playing in the background somewhere, like a percussion loop or a pad or a bass note, and I want a clean, empty one. I saw a tutorial somewhere about Isolating a Kick so I’ll look at that. Also, I haven’t read all the posts yet, but I’ll check out the other suggestions as well when I have time, thanks again!

Thank you for the YouTube post. That sounds very similar to the A&B kick at the end. I’ll try sampling that.

Jrel my 2 cents on kicks, dont try making them from scratch even if it means going thru a lot of records, Cosmic Gate, Mau5, Orjan Nielsen, to name a few and tons of others, a good one is tiesto’s extended mix of his kaleidoscope, just scope that lol !

so how do you sample sounds from a track using ableton??

or is there a tut on this??

i Usually do it thru logic and there is a tut here using Audacity

It’s really not that difficult?

Common sense really, zoom into the audio file using whatever DAW you use and find your kick, then cut it out…


yeah, ive done that boss.

but there always seems to be hihats n stuff around it??

[quote]georgekadar (31/07/2010)[hr]yeah, ive done that boss.

but there always seems to be hihats n stuff around it??[/quote]

Is there any section which has the ‘hihats n stuff’ icolated from the kick? You could try taking those and then phase inverting them with the part that has the kick and seeing if you can extract the kick that way.

There is the option of EQing those sounds out but you may lose the top end of the kick.

Apart from that, i’m not sure if there is any other way around it.