Acapella and wave editor


1.What is the best way to “get rid of that one beat in 1 bar” I have an acapella that says “do what you wanna do” but in that bar there is 1 beat at the end that i want to get rid off. I want the acapella to go over 1 bar alone.

2.If i setup Abelton with a wave editor and edit the sample there, how should i save it down agian and get it into ableton again.

3. What Wave Editor do you guyes recomend ? (Wavelab, Soundforge)

Wavelab or soundforge ? :slight_smile:

thank you very much! :smiley:

post the sample here and ill to a quick vid if you like

There you go!, What wave editor do you recomend getting used to, wich one is THE one ?


i had a play about with the sample…

if you just want get rid of the beat at the end and keep the loop the same length use a volume envelope.

go into clip mode… on the bottom left you see the small E in a circle this brings you in to envelope mode.

then click on volume and draw in the volume decrease on the clip at the end.

personally if i was using this sample id keep it as it is. otherwise there is an imbalance in the drums.

ok, cool! :slight_smile: