Acapella/Vocal Beat Roll and Pitch Up like CDJ in Ableton

Hey guys,

I’ve been making a bootleg in Ableton Live and I am trying to create a buildup with the vocal acapella that I am using. Basically, I want to create a beat ROLL like the feature that the CDJs have for adjusting loops and such and then while the roll is getting shorter, I want the pitch to go up like the CDJ can do in the WIDE pitch shift mode. Let me know if anyone needs an example. SHM use these kinds of buildups in almost all their sets.

Here’s sort of an example with this DJ:

- YouTube

Thanks in advance.

Try using Abletons Looper, then you could also use the Pitch plug in too to do the pitch bend you want after. There are various other ways of doing it though which i could get in to but the above plug ins should be sufficient?