Acapellas Question

Asking in subscriber support as the odds of getting a non-spammy answer are greatly increased…

Looking for hip-hop acapellas (particularly old-school). Willing to pay. Promo Only is kind of weak for acapellas, and the acapellas4u-type sites are a bit shady and lacking in the content I’m looking for.

Specifically, if anyone knows where I can find the acapella of Paid in Full by Eric B. and Rakim, I’d appreciate it. Heard a trance/techno track on Sirius Area about a week back that used the vocal on Paid in Full, and now I’m stumped as to how to find it.

I don’t think there is one for paid in full. I have quite a lot of their stuff on vinyl and there are a few tracks with acapellas, but not paid in full.

You can eq most of the track out though, although you will be left with some of the hats I think.

That said, you never know, so if you do find it - post it here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply TheAnt. The track I heard didn’t sound EQ’d at all…wish I had made a note of the name of it. There’s got to be one floating around somewhere, particularly because of the Coldcut remix. I found an “acapella” of some of Coldcut’s samples used in their remix (although it’s not everything, very odd). I’ll post it, if you’d like.