Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users


I’ve never posted on this forum before, but because the new update of ANA 2 was released last week, I’d like to open a thread about accessibility for visually impaired users.
The ANA 2 interface is now visible to a screen reader and as a blind user with VoiceOver on the Mac I can see a lot of switches, sliders and tables. I am very happy about that, it is now much easier to use ANA 2.
Many elements are easy to use, but others are not labeled. So sometimes I don’t know exactly what I’m doing when I press a button or move a slider.
I would be very happy if the accessibility could be improved with the next updates. I would like to help and with this thread maybe give tips on what could be made better. I’m not the only blind ANA 2 user, here in Germany I know 3 other people who would certainly like to help and post in this thread.

Many Thaks!


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Would love to help improve the accessibility. Drop me an PM and let me know what we can do to improve things.

Sorry, but I’m not able to send you a PM. I can’t find a message system on your profile. Perhaps you can PM me?

Hello, I’ve recently updated my ana2 installation on my mac. I initially bought ana2 because it was at least able to navigate presets back and forth with standard logic pro key commands, but now i am really excited, since my Screen Reader can recognize more Buttons and sliders. As a Quickstart, the buttons and sliders can be properly labeled and grouped in a sort of sub-window structure, like in surge xt, and the refx products, so filters, the mixer, the mod-matrix and the oscilator section have their own group and such. I’d be glad to help testing, since i am myself totally blind. So drop me a line, when you’re about to pick up this task in aproving accessibility. Thanks, and best Regards. Attila.