Adam Bayer Style Techno

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

any feedback would be great lads thankss!

Just a personal opinion but it felt slow, the variation was a bit lacking IMO. Just felt as though in between things shoulda been happening to help the track along.

Good examples of artists who do it well are pretty much any minimal techno artists like Dubfire and Olver Huntemann, they consistently add something and remove it again and do things with there sounds. You got the latter part done, you are doing things with your sounds. Just needs those few clicky perc pieces and stuff like that to make it feel less repetitive.

i like the sound, i just think it needs something extra, im not really familiar with adam beyer so i can really comment on what youre trying to achieve but what i’d like to hear you do with the raw material here is bring it somewhere new…

Yeah the more i listen to it, it feels a bit bare, i think i need to tighten up a few things and add some variation as mentioned, i need to listen more to this genre though to know what type of sounds to add,


Not a bad effort - but overall i think you need to get a bit more ‘confident’ with each part of the mix and mix things a bit higher in volume and try and get them to stand out a little more and create more excitement.

It seemed to me like you were trying to keep everything in the track very subtle as you weren’t confident enough in the quality of the sounds?

Just my opinion.

But not a bad sound, just need to get something that grabs the ‘ears’ a bit more and that takes charge of the track and makes it more lively and exciting i think!