Add a different Drumbeat to already exist it track?

Hello Phil and Bryan

Many times, i try to add a more raving kickdrum, clap, hats to a track i do like,

The thing i was doing was put a HP filter on the track and add my kickdrum, but i am not sure if will be the right thing

any suggestions?

or how do u do it?

best regards

YEah i have done this a few times.

you can try a couple of things.

  1. If your hi passing the whole track you will need to add your own bass line to the track to balance things out.

  2. You can use a sidechined Hi pass filter on the track with the trigger coming from your kick drum… this just applies the hi-pass when your kick hits… keeping the original bassline almost intact.

Cool the 2nd option didnt cross my mind, i think pvd does it,

if u hear PVD before you notice that pretty often he add a different clap, kick and hihat to the song.

is there any Tech Tips do u subject about?

Best Regards