Add a different Drumbeat to already exist it track?

Many times, i try to add a more raving kickdrum, clap, hats to a track i do like,

The thing i was doing was put a HP filter on the track and add my kickdrum, but i am not sure if will be the right thing

any suggestions?

or how do u do it?

best regards

I dont think its possibleā€¦ However, I have heard some apps/plug-ins automatically find the kick and replace it with one you like, I very much doubt it can do it properly.

One thing you could do is take the bit from the kick you want that you like and add that in to go ontop the already present kick drum. So for a Hardstyle kick (eh they sound disgusting to me but meh) you could just take the distorted sound and throw it in and hope it doesnt affect the mix too much (It will).

Dont Highpass it to get your kick in, the most distinguishable part of the kick for me personally is the thump and click (the top parts) as you cant really do much for the bass to distinguish it from other kicks bass (all sine waves usually) so to do that you will have to high pass out LOADS including the mid-bass regionā€¦

if you want to keep the same rhythm then just layer the kicks right where the original one comes in

I dont know how great of results you will get but if you want to get rid of the original kick then you should probably try using an EQ.

a hp filter would work but it will cut off everything below a certain point. an eq may help you zero in on the kick without cutting too much else but it will probably not be that simple but it should sound good enough