Add Folder with wavetables

I tried the Add Folder option in the Browser to add some folders in which i keep the wavetables.
The folder was added with no problem, but every wavetable i load is processed by the oscillators as single cycle waveform (Phase, PW, Sync…no Morph). Is this a bug? or the add folder function is just for samples and single cycle waveforms? Thanks in advance.

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There’s more than just adding a folder involved, first of all the .wav files have to be compliant and “morphable” like the wave tables you can create with Node, and then there’s a specific sub-folder architecture to follow :

For example if you go to User3 D Wavetables and right click & choose “Show in Finder” you’ll see that you’re pointing to a 3D Wavetables sub-folder placed under a “Main Osc” folder. I believe that if files are not morphed wave tables and not placed in a similar folder structure, they’ll be treated as simple imported samples.

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The files “morphable”… I copied them to the User/MainOsc/3D Wavetables folder and they work just fine. Only when i am adding the original folder from Add Folder they work as simple waveforms. And i dont want to copy all my wavetables in my system drive for the sake of saving disk. Ill try placing them under a custom Main Osc/3D Wavetables and see if it works. Thanks.


It worked. I had to create a 3D Wavetables folder somwhere and copy folders with wavetables in it. I added those folders from the Browser and now they are processed as wavetables.

I still have to duplicate all my wavetables but at least they are not eating my system drive that is kind of full.

Thank you very much.



If it’s a disk space issue there might be a possible workaround using Symbolic Links, check this topic here on the forums, it’s related to Kick 2 but the “symlink” concept is the exact same. Just keep in mind that’s this isn’t supported and might break upon new update install ( though it should not, that’s the difference between “symlinks” & simple shortcuts ).

Check this here, you’ll find 2 posts with “How to do” links for both Mac & Win ( posts 9 & 10 )

Hope that helps :wink:

LOL, just reading your Edit, thanks for the update.

Good to read that this solution works, you might want to have a look to the “Symlink” workaround too.

yes …ive seen that, thank you.. ill look into it, or better…buy another ssd drive :))

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