Adding Native Instruments Battery 3 into Cubase SX3

Hi all,

I have a copy of Cubase SX3 and i also have a copy of NI Battery 3.

I have installed NI and i assumed that it would be availible to use as a VST instrument in Cubase, but its no where to be seen in the drop down menu (

Do i have to install it inside cubase or what?

Any help is greatly apprieciated!


Thanks Phil, very much apprieciated!

Now i can crack on with the Cubase tutorials! :smiley:


The .dll file is where it should be in the programmes folder for cubase. Any other ideas why it isnt showing up?

And my next qeustion is,

can i still go through the tutorials even if i dont have battery 3 working in Cubase?!

Arrgh! This is doing my fooking head in!