Advanced synthesis course

I’d really like some good tips on how to make sounds. The main things people ask for are how to make this sound etc.

It would be good to have a full course on how to make stabs/pads/leads etc. What waves use what sounds, how to use the filters properly etc.

I think this would be good for most people as everyone seems allot of people including myself don’t understand how to listen to a sound, break it down and re-create it. Or of course make one from scratch.

we a have a new synthesis course in the works… just waiting on the next update of ANA before we can start filming.

That’s great, I’ll look forward to it.

Would really love some tutorials on making modern dubstep basses (Seven Lions has some incredible sounds in particular on virtually every track of his).

+1 for sound design course

-1million for anything dubstep :hehe: