Advertisements in Kick 2

I would like to share my disgust that SA added a blinking red dot advertisement in the Kick 2 UI. I understand that you want us to buy more things, but please put your advertisements somewhere where I can click and read if I am interested - not in an intrusive notification. It’s a purchased synth for crying out loud, not a free to play mobile game. I tried to find a setting to turn it off but could not find anything. Any tips on how to remove it?

Hi there @Oakmasta

This has nothing to do with advertisement, it’s a notification feature inside Kick 2. The display message will change over time and it’s a feature to let users know about news, updates & release of new presets packs ( that you probably saw for the current notification & assimilate to only advertisement ).

Once you set the notification message as “READ” within this pop-up window area, the red dot shouldn’t blink anymore & you should not be bother with the same notification again unless a new one comes in.

I don’t know if there’s a way to disable this, honestly I don’t find it that much intrusive & I do think it’s a very common feature implemented into plugins & software by now, even payed ones, for example when you fire up Presonus Studio One Pro, the full right hand side of the welcome GUI is just links about news & products.

Anyway, perhaps this might fit into feature request to have a “enable/disable” notifications in the settings ( unless it’s already there & I missed it ) @bryan_spence ??

Thanks for your reply Tekalight. I use Studio One myself and I think the difference is that they show their news feed on the start up page - it is not intrusive. If they had a blinking dot when you are in a project and creating music I think it would be a completely different thing. Do you have any other examples? Just curious since I have never seen anything like this. Just hoping it will not be a new standard as there are enough distractions already :slight_smile:

Well, to be honest, I really do think that we’re going to get more & more of those “distractions” & implementation in the future, manufacturers wise & generally speaking, not speaking about S.A here :smile: :wink:

Positive Grid ( one that came to mind, ) does that with their Bias Amps, Fx & Pedals apps too, but it’s more like a Popup message at the start of the application/plugin and yes, you can go to the settings & disable it.

As mentioned in the previous post, might be a good & legitimate feature request, so that’s why I already pointed S.A dev. team to this :wink:

will add it to feature requests to have it optionally blink :+1:

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Please make online checks for program and content updates at start optional. I really don’t like that behaviour. A lot of programs can opt out of these things via options.