Advice (Off Topic)

My neighbor’s dog barks from 9-5 continually every day. Basically they go out to work, and leave the dog inside and every time I sit down in front of the home set-up all I have through the walls behind me is bark! bark! bark! bark! non-stop. It’s seriously hampering my creative karma!

Thought about reporting them to environmental health for noise pollution but they were already issued a warning when they had the dog outside and other neighbors complained. The solution they had was to lock the dog inside and it’s now only me having to endure the pain.

All I can think of is starting a ‘war of attrition’ when my neighbor is home by cranking up the volume but I might be the one who gets the letter of complaint.

Any advice aside from committing canine homicide first chance I get? :smiley:

This reminds me a lot of how it was like in one of my old houses. I had a letter through my door complaining about noise, when at the time the only noise that would be made from my room was when I’d record my 1 hour radio show each week. So for around 2 hours in a whole week (split at different days) i’d have a bit of noise that was only played during the day when people are still awake.

However their dog barked ALL day, EVERY day.

I simply wrote a letter back explaining this and they have no right to complain and they never complained again after that haha.

Their dog should be tamed, it’s prolly barking cos it’s stuck in doors. It prolly barked out side because it was tied in one place. They’re not looking after their dog properly.

Sample The dog Bark add a phat bassline and play it back to them at 3am :smiley:

had a similar problem last night, my neighbors played loud music until 3 am. usually this would not bother me but being a school night my kids got up this morning looking crap, so as soon as they went out to school i poped down my brothers and borrowed his big *** amp and speakers and did a little wake up call of my own :slight_smile:

Yeah you see, I think people need to be more considerate. Loud music is fine as long as it’s during hours where people are actually awake. Past 10pm and it’s just taking the p*ss.

I actually managed to speak to the neighbor in the end. Turns out he used to leave the radio on all day to distract the dog from barking and only recently he turned it off thinking it was ok.

I hesitated, as having already had a complaint for keeping the dog outside from others on the street I would be putting him right on the spot by informing him that having the dog inside was causing problems. But all good, for now…

Shame to be honest, after reading the above a part of me was hoping for an negative response and open invitation to put Jon’s suggestion to the test. :stuck_out_tongue: