Advice on the Types of House Music


I am currently completing an assignment and need to find some information on the various types of house music and its many sub-genres. Like Deep House, Progressive House, Electro House, Jackin House, Hard House, Bassline House, Funky House etc. Im fairly new to house music and get lost when trying to define and work out what is what.

Any help on this would be massively appreciated.

In particular I need reliable sources and information on the following:

[b]How to define each sub-genre of house music[/b]

[b]What musical and sound characteristics are common to each sub genre[/b]

[b]What DJs are most notable in any given sub-genre[/b]

[b]What records are some of the most popular / seminal records in any given sub-genre[/b]

[b]What record labels are notable in any given sub-genre[/b]

[b]What promoters or club nights operate within each sub-genre[/b]

If anyone has any advice and guidance, links to websites, suggestions for magazine articles, books or videos to watch, I would be eternally grateful.

Many Thanks


A place to start would be somewhere like Beatport, Juno or Traxsource. You could have a look at the charts and listen at some tunes to see what they have in common etc. This could also help with seeing who is big within each kind of genre. Then look up what clubs those DJ’s are playing at.

I think Traxsource has a classics section as well which might help with finding big tunes from years gone by.

Yeah the main problem is, with Uni assignments, you have to reference everything. So although I can listen to tracks and describe and identify what is what, I still need some sort of reference from a reliable source. So a magazine article, or book or something were the music is explained or written about in some context.

But yeah ill check those sites and have a listen. Just need to find some sources of valid info that I can quote in my written work.

I might send some questionnaires out to DJ’s and promoters etc as well.

Go here first!


Ah Iskurs Guide to Electronic Music. Any older but a goldie. Its been many many years so I last looked at this!