Hey guys, I really hope this doesn’t sound ignorant but I am looking to make my own Hip Hop and D&B tracks/samples. :unsure: However, (as the description says) I am a complete beginner with only a little experience. As such I would just like to know if anyone here knows of any free or cheap, half decent programmes I could use to get me started?

Also, I assume I would need a synth to fully get into things, so could anyone advise me accordingly?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys give as I have no idea where to start…:blush:

hey de screet there is a long list of free and cheap software on the general discussions board at the top !:slight_smile:

please dont forget, that most DAW’s have free trials that you can use of their software before you buy. I prefer Ableton Live, and others prefer Reason, Logic, etc. You have to not only see what works for you, but find out which one you have the most FUN making music with.

Buy a copy of ‘Computer Music’, it comes with all the software you’ll need on it’s DVD disk to get you started!

It also comes with 1000s of sounds and samples and a producer tutorial. Result!

i posted a huge list of free plug-ins and shareware in general topics, its pinned at the top so should be easy to find

Great! I will get started then :smiley: Thanks guys…hopefully things will pan out well and I can get some demos on here soon(ish).