After i Updated Kick 2, the ui isnt working correct in ableton 9.7.7

the settings pane and save pane doesnt exist. cant get to it.

Hi there @Ziges69

Have you installed the newest Kick 2 version on top of the previous v1.05 ?
It might help to do a clean uninstall of Kick 2 and then installing the new v1.1.0 after.

If you’re still facing issue after following this procedure, report it back here with your system specs :

-MacOS or Win and exact OS version.
-Live 9.x.x version number

and a screen shop could help if you’re having problem with the GUI

But please try a clean uninstall / install procedure before and let us know if it worked.

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its generally a windows bug this as the installation location is important

Ensure you are installing the v1.1.0 update to the same location as your v1.05 KICK 2 dll.


Did an uninstall and reinstalled it. it was the beta version that messed it up a bit. thank you for the support!
Love and light :slight_smile:

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Hi again @Ziges69

Thank you for reporting that you got it to work, nice to hear :wink:

BTW, just to be sure :smile: , are you up and running with the latest v1.1.0 or did you went back to v 1.05 ?
( Assuming you’re on the new version but that was giving me a doubt about that… )