Aftertouch support, maybe an extra mod slot

Just adding a request to have aftertouch added to the list of supported modulation sources. After messing around with some of the new patches from 1.03 and seeing how alot of the mod slots were already full with just the use of velocity, it seemed that if aftertouch were added then an extra mod slot might be useful.

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Just bumping this. With 1.5 out it looks like still no aftertouch supportbr
Also the velocity to amp env still doesnt seem like it does anything. As I reported over on kvr, you turn up the veloc knob and you get basically no change on the env. Tried routing to oscs and turning down their volumes and still no change

Yeah it looks like the velo multiplier isnt set right… will look in to it and the aftertouch

Why is there no aftertouch in the macro matrix? I can modulate a macro with mod wheel but not aftertouch?