Aggressive electro synth sounds

what’s up guys, i’m working on a new track and i’m having a hard time designing the lead sound.

here’s a link to the sound I’m trying to achieve

@0:03 it almost sounds like a majorly processed electric guitar riff

MSTRKRFT - breakaway (Blende remix) - YouTube

ease up i’m not an electro dude, just experimenting with a blend of Techno & Electro

any help on how to come up with a close sound would be hugely appreciated

what VST to use, if there’s a sample kit out there with similar sounds

and how to use a VST to come up with the sound

I believe David Tort made a similar sound as well but it’s more of a synth sound

it appears @1:30

David Tort - School Of 88 (Original Mix) - YouTube

it’s basically a polyrhythm of a pimp a** synth playing in two octaves

PS: I have Sylenth1, I use both Ableton & FL Studio

umm… i really think that’s a very processed guitar so you were right. I mean , you could work your way with the sylenth distortion and arp but that sounds definitely sounds like a processed guitar to me .

Thanks dude, I’ve been looking for guitar tracks to sample but well

I came up with a decent lead, using acid synth which is heavily processed instead of the guitar, it’s nothing like the sound I posted above but it works well,

got a trick too for all the viewers, use your dub delay (slow time -40 ms) wisely with some other effects, I used it with distortion and flanger and I came up with something huge actually.


well i know feed me does his aggresive electro synth sounds with a recorded stratocaster he plays himself so maybe if you’re looking for that kind of sound you should consider buying a guitar . actually I think i could make a sylenth patch sounding similar to the second one but the first you can’t get that sound without a proper guitar sample or played by yourself.

try this out . use a .320 ms delay for leads at 140 bpm . For other bpms do the math

thanks again buddy, will give it a shot