AIFF sample file not working - Progressive House in Cubase


I am doing the Progressive House tutorial on Cubase. In the 2nd tutorial movie I need to load some samples from the pool window into the Groove Agent.

When I audition the sounds first in the pool window they all seem to work fine but when I drag them into the Groove Agent I cannot hear the AIFF file “Chinese Thunder” when hitting the pad to which I’ve assigned it to. However all the other sounds do work fine…

I have tried to re-download the resource files but the same problem returns for this particular sample. Anyone encountered this too…??

Thanks & greetz!

not sure!! groove agent just might not like the particular file type.

you could use a sound editor (audacity, soundforge, wavelab) to convert the sound to .wav

hmmmm…the other AIFF files from the resources pack seem to work fine. It’s just this Chinese Thunder that’s not working. Could it be that the file is corrupted…?

I checked the manual and Groove Agent should support AIFF…

Converted the AIFF into a WAV sample and fixed the problem.

Thanks M8!