Alien Autopsy

So i met an alien last night, after the usual probe’s and Instruments of torture were laid out on the table we got down to business.

I’ve recreated my events in sylenth for all those Techno, Glitch and Minimal Freaks to use.

Have Fun, I Did :slight_smile: !!!


Sounds like my type of saturday night :wink:

Thanks for the share

let me know what you think :slight_smile:

just made another 10 patches will update the bank when i get bored making sounds :slight_smile:

lol, thanks Jon :smiley:

Top man!

nice stuff mr fisher:)

thanks guys, i was kinda getting a bit concerned with the amount of downloads, with no feedback.

Not that i want thanking or anything but general feedback is good, it helps to know if people are enjoying my attempts

Cheers Jon - these are great! :slight_smile: