Alien V South London

This looks good:

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Aliens ain’t gotta chance - nuff said

[quote]slender (03/03/2011)[hr]Aliens ain’t gotta chance - nuff said[/quote]

Normally i’d agree with you, but those guys look about as intimidating as my gran.

The problem with the film is why would aliens want to come to South London unless they were crack heads :smiley:

Don’t diss my yard. I bet you behind each and every window of that block lies a knocked off PC and a copy of Fruityloops with nuff beats you get me?

What’s your yard? Dulwich village?

i like the look of this :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]bangthedj (04/03/2011)[hr]What’s your yard? Dulwich village?[/quote]

Nice one :smiley:

[quote]bangthedj (04/03/2011)[hr]What’s your yard? Dulwich village?[/quote]

Is that a ginger beard I see in your avatar?

Is that a man wearing Chinos and a helmet in yours?

[quote]bangthedj (05/03/2011)[hr]Is that a man wearing Chinos and a helmet in yours?[/quote]

Are you making ‘ga ga goo goo’ faces to a baby in your avatar?