All The Way (Freak) - belmiro

Just a heads up!

I posted a new track on my profile.

It’s a deep house affair made with Ableton and Logic.

Check it out and feel free to critique.

Be nice though, as I am still very much a noob at this! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like it, top notch mate.

I wouldn’t have put you down as a ‘noob’ :unsure:

Hey belmiro really nice track keep doing what ya do its gooood!:slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!

Still learning but I think my productions are improving all the time and this site has certainly helped me.

I’m impressed, I really enjoyed this track, excellent production skills going on here mate.

Have you ever thought about putting a vocal over the top.

As it goes at the moment I’d play this towards the beginning of the night, or as a fill after a couple of belters. With the right vocal though this track would smash it.

Top work fella.

One thing I’d also comment on is try to avoid loopmasters packs as I noticed the trumpet is from one of their packs.

They’re just a little overused is all (that being said I’ve used their loops heaps of times!)

Thanks for your comments.

Actually I noticed some issues with the track. Levels and the bass sounds a bit flabby on my ipod.

I am gonna fix those over the weekend and repost the track.

Ok. Fixed the bass and re posted.

Promise not to niggle anymore… gonna move onto another track now… honest!

Damn is that snare 1db too quiet???

Don’t think, I can get any better on my set up without a professional mastering.:w00t:

Damn wish my monitors were better! Gahhhhhh

I read a post on another forum the other day saying how it’s really worth getting one of your tracks mastered and maybe even mixed by a pro, and ask to watch what they do so you can learn from it.

Said he learned more in the hour or so watching that than in a year of trying to do it himself.

I checked out prices in the UK and it’s only about fifty quid, not bad if you’re serious about your tunes I reckon.