All types of bass

I would like to see an in depth tutorial on just making bass sounds, and how to get them really thick. A really nice thick bass sound is in “Replay the Night” Gabriel and Dresden remix, once the main part kicks in. That whole song is pretty dynamic though.

The bass almost sounds like feedback from a plug being put in. I tried to re create it one time by doing that, but it didn’t quite sound the same.

are you trying to learn sound desingn?

i think a tutorial along the lines of how to layer sounds would be really great. The htsl tuts that show how to layer your drums up has really helped, but would like to see those techniques applied to other things

This is one in a long line of threads on the SA forums asking for what is essentially a sound design course - exactly what I asked for as well!

I’d LOVE to see SA develop a course that concentrated solely on sound design in which it covered the whole whack - drums, bass, pads, risers etc… I know this would be a huge project to take on, but it would be worth it. Here’s hoping…

Bass Tutorial would be :slight_smile:

I made a poll for that vote… most we voted, most chance we’ve heared by SA :slight_smile:

I agree, that would be really helpful. A non genre-specific one too, which deals with analogue type stuff like twiddling samples and so on. Bass sounds would be the bit I’d want to see most!