ALT.noize with guest komabase

feel free to check out the latest ALT.noize podcast with 2nd hour guest komabase! :cool:


A tracklist as well - your spoiling us

[quote]slender (10/09/2011)[hr]A tracklist as well - your spoiling us[/quote]

its only because icn was threatening me :unsure:

On it as we speak :slight_smile:

Really enjoying this Mussi :smiley:

[quote]5id (10/09/2011)[hr]Really enjoying this Mussi :D[/quote]

thanks man! :smiley: i really enjoyed this one

Love it Mussi!

Wow…there were some great tracks in there    :cool:

awesome man!!

Will give it a proper listen soon mate, no doubt it will be decent :wink: